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I've upgraded to 11.10 today, and have been toying with gnome-shell extensions - gnome-shell version 3.2.0.

When it comes to add one to the top panel, I have hit a brick wall. Right-clicking on the panel does nothing.

Am I doing something wrong - is one supposed to add extensions to the top panel by some other method?


  • "Installing" an extension
  • holding alt while right-clicking on top panel
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you can't add extensions by right clicking the panel. You have to create a dir in ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/extension_name@your_host

and create there 2 files: extension.js and metadata.json

and add code to whatever you want to add onto panel to extension.js and some info into metadata.json

in gnome-shell 3.0.x in .js you have to add function main() { } in gnome-shell 3.2.x: function enable() { /* code to execute on enabling this extension */ } function disable() { } and function init() { }

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I've done that - what I want to do is add one of the extensions that I've prepared in the manner described to the panel. For example:… – Michael Robinson Oct 4 '11 at 2:50

To get the "Add to Panel" menu, you need to use Alt super right-click; see also: Panel settings not appearing on right-click in gnome

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