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I installed Java JDK but where can I find the sources? For one my homework, I'm asked to refer to one of the files ...

check the source code of java.util.LinkedList. The Java source code of this class can be found in the jdk package

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First of all, about java.util.LinkedList source: you can view it here or here, for example.

Then, aren't you looking for openjdk-7-source or sun-java6-source packages?

If not (may you prefer a Mercurial checkout or a tarball way or just want the most up-to-date sources), maybe this is what are you looking for?:

enter image description here

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I use google and typed: "java jdk download"

then find this link

from there I find this

ok. hope You find this usefull.

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And more find this: – maniat1k Oct 6 '11 at 16:14

Here's a direct link for the LinkedList sources in mercurial repository for OpenJDK 8:

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