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I want to make some Virtual IP Addresses for my network adapter or wireless adapter, so that I can connect to network with more than one IP address from one computer or laptop.

How can I do it? (I know it's possible ,because one of my friends has done it in university and have more than one - some times till 255 - IP address in network).

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Virtual MAC address? I think you mean "virtual IP addresses". See man 5 interfaces, and follow the documentation links at the very end. On my system, it says:

For advice on configuring this package read the Network Configuration chapter of the Debian Reference manual, available at or in the debian-reference-en package.

Examples of how to set up interfaces can be found in /usr/share/doc/ifupdown/examples/network-interfaces.gz.

But, even if you assign extra IP addresses, your traffic is still going in/out of your system through the SAME NIC. No matter how many IPs, only 1 NIC. No speedup. Multiple IP addresses are good for obfuscation, virtual machines, and simulated network testing.

Read and enjoy!

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