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My Shotwell library is ordered by descending date. When I click on a tag in Shotwell, the photos appear in an apparently random order. If I see the sorting options, descending date is selected. I have to select other option, and then go back to descending date, to get the order right.

If I then choose another tag, photos in the wrong order. If I go back to the first, they are right. But if I close Shotwell and launch it again, the sorting is wrong everywhere again.

This is exactly the same problem as this: Photos not ordered when selecting events or tags

But the solution given there, upgrading to 0.10, didn't work. I'm in fact in 0.11.1.

Any idea? Shotwell is really great for me, apart from this little nuisance. Thanks!

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sounds like a bug - the latest version is 0.11.2 - otherwise report a bug as per… – fossfreedom Oct 1 '11 at 11:59

Great news -- this was already fixed in Shotwell 0.11.2!

More info on the bug report:

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