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I get the following error report in 11.10 every time after logging in. Compiz sometimes too crashes.

enter image description here

My apport fails to send the data to Launchpad for some reason so the button Report Problem not working.

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It probably cannot report the crash because your system is not up-to-date (but you should have gotten a message about why sending the report failed).

If that's that case I suggest to update your system using the main servers:

  • Open the Ububuntu Software Center
  • Edit → Software Sources... → Download from: Main server

Then update your system and wait for the Apport popup to appear again.

Of course you can also just click on Ignore future crashes of this program version.

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I have had main server in the settings. I hate to ignore. Seems that the best way is to reinstall the whole OS. – Masi Oct 3 '11 at 20:26

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