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Normally, I hit my "Print Screen" key, and this wonderful thing appears. enter image description here However, I have no such luck in fullscreen programs. Nothing happens. No wonderful little screenshot helper, no clipboard content.

How can I take screenshots of fullscreen programs?

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There's more than one way to skin a cat.

In your application launcher, you should have this guy:

enter image description here

Turns out, he has a delay setting:

enter image description here

It's not ideal, but you can open this, set a sufficient delay, open your program, and when the time comes, it will successfully take a (fullscreen) screenshot of a fullscreen program.

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It's simple

Try any command line tool , like scrot , in case when you're unable to switch out of that application , like DOOM3 , which grab X11 totally

e.g delay 10 seconds for a screenshot

scrot -cd 10

or continuous screenshot using a bash script:

while true
   scrot -cd 10

That's how i made a walk-through for Doom3 in Linux ;-P

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