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I downloaded offical Ubuntu Wubi installer as I wanted to install Ubuntu besides my Windows 7 setup.
I launched it and noticed that it started download AMD 64 bit Ubuntu ISO, while I'm on Intel and running 32bit Windows. I canceled operation.

How can I tell Wubi installer which Ubuntu system I want?

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ok I found similar question here:… though I expected more smart installer as under my current pc configuration it's very unlikely that anyone would like to install 64bit AMD version. – klo Sep 29 '11 at 6:49
Well, the 64-bit version often out performs the 32-bit version (especially on newer systems with a lot of memory). Given that it is still possible to run 32-bit applications (the same as you can with 64-bit Windows), it is a reasonable choice. – James Henstridge Sep 29 '11 at 10:20

Whether your windows installation is 32-bit or 64-bit does not matter for Ubuntu since it's not dependent on windows. Do not get confused by the amd word in amd64, it's just a marketing name that refers to the same architecture: 64-bit (well, I may not be fully technically correct here, but you can expect an amd64 Ubuntu image to run on Intel machines). i386 is used for 32-bit stuff. If Wubi detects that you've a 64-bit capable processor, it downloads the 64-bit version.

If you really want to force the installation of a 32-bit image, see How do I force Wubi to download and install 32 bit version?

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