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If you use xmonad, xbindkeys, and xdotool to try and remap the 'Menu' key, it does not work perfectly. The 'Menu' key will only emulate the Super key's quick press action, bringing up the application search. If you hold in the 'Menu' key it will not emulate the Super key's hold down action. That is, bring up the launcer with numbers over the applications.

How do you make another key on the keyboard act exactly like the Super key?

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You can do that doing this:

1) Open "System Settings"

enter image description here

2) Keyboard Layout

enter image description here

3) Options

enter image description here

4) Alt/Win key behavior then choose "Alt is mapped to right Win, Super to Menu".

enter image description here

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In Ubuntu 14.10, is this still possible? – Jonathan Leaders Dec 29 '14 at 19:21
I think you will have to add a keyboard with a "Macintosh" or another suitable layout ("Text Entry" > "+"). – desgua Jan 12 '15 at 17:31

This site is not suitable for feature requests or discussions. If you want to discuss usability issues, then things like the Ayatana mailinglist is more suitable. Or you can file a bug on

The first thing I would like to do, is to recommend that you start using your thumb to press super. That way, you should have at least easy access to the first few numbers. I would also like to thank you for making me have a better look at my keyboard (It's new). It turns out that it has a second super-button on the right hand side of the keyboard, and I find it to be completely useless to switch between applications the way you describe. I also tried using altgr, which is right next to the spacebar. It was just as unusable. The reason is simply that I don't have an opposable pinky. It may be useful if I use the left hand to press the numbers, though. It's certainly useful to launch the dash.

It should be possible to use xmodmap to achieve your goal. There is also a GUI for it somewhere, though I don't remember what it's called. But be aware; it is possible to configure it to be identified as a certain key without it working the way you want. If I recall correctly, you need to use the kaycode and not the symbolic name. It may be the opposite as well, but in any event, it is worth checking out.

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