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On Oneiric unstable fully updated/upgraded using network-manager broadband connection with:

ID 19d2:1015 ONDA Communication S.p.A.

I want some hints to make a Onda GSM usbkey 19d2:1015 work?


show me

Destination  Gateway  Genmask       Flags Metric    Ref Use Iface

default      *       U     0         0   0   usb0
link-local   *   U     1000      0   0   usb0

It connects and the usb0 device get ip-address from the provider but I cannot get webpages (also typing a known ip in firefox)

It seem to be something about routing default gw, there is no active firewall on this pc

btw, all works using sakis3g or wvdial or gnome-ppp

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If you have another connected network interface, then disconnect it. Wired is preferred, then wireless and finally mobile.

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thanks, but i have no other connection active my wire is unplugged and wireless disabled... when test the usb connection... – marcobra Sep 28 '11 at 12:39
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