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I'm using the awesome wm and awsetbg to draw the background. Suddenly, for a mysterious reason, it doesn't work (awsetbg /some/file.jpg), and when I try to get it to use a random directory (awsetbg -r /path/to/pics/dir) it says "invalid random wallpaper directory." Why is that, and how can I fix it? The directory doesn't contain anything but image files.

Update: I tried both awsetbg -r ~/Pictures and awsetbg -r /usr/share/backgrounds, but neither work.

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If you use -r without a wallpaper setter installed awsetbg will set the directory to "#535d6c" which is invalid, install any wallpaper setter to fix it.

sudo apt-get install feh

Instead of feh you can try chbg, xsri, display, Esetroot, wmsetbg, xsetbg, xli, qiv, xv, hsetroot, habak, fvwm-root or icewmbg.

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Use -R not -r

Worked for me.

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