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I never need my user name to be shown on the desktop as I am the only one to use my computer. I'd prefer if there would be something like a shutdown icon instead of the user name to open the session menu. How to achieve this in XUbuntu 11.10?

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For regular Ubuntu, see… – scribu Sep 30 '11 at 18:09

You can remove the session menu and add an item called 'Action Button' instead. Per default, it will display the usual xfce log-out menu (same as the main menu item).

If this is too pristine, you can add a custom launcher and add the various commands supported by xfce4-session-logout: (excerpt from xfce4-session-logout --help)

  -l, --logout             Log out without displaying the logout dialog
  -h, --halt               Halt without displaying the logout dialog
  -r, --reboot             Reboot without displaying the logout dialog
  -s, --suspend            Suspend without displaying the logout dialog
  --hibernate              Hibernate without displaying the logout dialog
  -f, --fast               Log out quickly; don't save the session

N.b.: This is from xubuntu 11.04, should still work in 11.10.

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Not the exactly correct answer but a practical solution. So I vote up. Thanks. – Ivan Sep 27 '11 at 21:43

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