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I had to reinstall Ubuntu and expected that Ubuntu One would restore my bookmarks like it did the last time, but nothing happens. How can I find out whether they are actually lost or just not synced at the moment?

The Ubuntu One status page says:

2011-08-26 Syncing of contacts and bookmarks is not working for some users due to server issues. We are currently upgrading hardware and making configuration changes on the client side that should resolve the syncing issues for those impacted.

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Ubuntu One has discontinued bookmark syncing. According to this announcement:

Those of you who have already upgraded to 11.10 may have noticed that Ubuntu One no longer supports bookmarks sync, this is because we have decided to discontinue bookmarks sync as a feature. There are a few reasons for this, the main one being that we felt we were not delivering a quality experience to our users. We have been aware for some time about performance issues with bookmark sync and users have feedback that in many cases it’s not been working properly. We would like to apologise to those of you who have been affected by this.

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It is likely that those haven't been saved at all. The couch service have been rather unstable for some time, but there have been improvements lately.

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