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I build/install SoX myself, as provided Ubuntu package did not include additional audio format libraries that I might use and it's one of the packages I want latest version anyway.

Now I want to install eboard with Synaptic, and it wants to install SoX, but as mentioned SoX is already installed and working perfectly and I don't want to mess it with another install while I want to install eboard without building it from source.

This is example to problem I faced couple of times and thought to ask what Linux users do in such cases as I'm a new user.

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if you install checkinstall from the repo's

sudo apt-get install checkinstall

then when you install from source instead of doing

sudo make install

if you run instead

sudo checkinstall

it will create a package and have a record of it in synaptic/apt and as long as the version numbers are correct it should satisfy the dependencies

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Thanks for your answer Dave :) I got another tip about equivs on Debian forum, but using checkinstall was piece of cake. Rebuilded it successfully, and Synaptic recognise it as present. – zetah Sep 26 '11 at 2:13

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