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When I did a dist-upgrade of my ubuntu 10.04 server, it automatically installed Decnet, and it trew up ncurses based configuration wizard.

I have never heard of Decnet, but I followed the instructions in the wizard, and accepted for it to be installed, and it lead to the disconnection of 2 of my internet uplinks, and the hosted website stopped responding on WAN side. Then I purged Decnet, and rebooted the server, and everything went normal.

So why did my server install Decnet when I did dist-upgrade?

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You don't really say what you were upgrading from, is it to 10.04 or to a point release? – Jorge Castro Sep 23 '11 at 18:17
I was doing sudo apt-get dist-upgrade. It's just installing software package updates. – nixnotwin Sep 24 '11 at 0:59

I can confirm this issue.

I upgraded from Natty to Oneiric. And during the upgrade I got the ncurse-based configuration wizard, which suggests to skip configuration (which I did). After the next reboot my ethernet based network was broken, too.

I fixed my system like this:

# apt-get remove dnet-common libdnet
# rm /etc/init.d/decnet

To bring the ethernet up again: (without rebooting)

# dhclient3 eth0

I assume that an obscure network library which was upgraded caused this. For example libroar1 depends on libdnet. Perhaps some upgraded package started to depend on dnet-common in oneiric, when previously it was only recommended - or something like that.

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