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Is it possible to access files in my account Ubuntu One via iPhone?

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An iPhone client is on our roadmap, so you will eventually be able to. I can't quite tell you when it will be launched, so keep an eye out on our blog for when we announce it.

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A notes sync app for iOS would also be great. – fnkr Oct 19 '11 at 16:41

Meanwhile two Ubuntu One client apps have been released in the App Store: Ubuntu One Files and Ubuntu One Music. And most recently, there has appeared an free app called webNotes which syncs notes with Tomboy using your Ubuntu One account.

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Yes, it is possible. There is a files app, and a music streaming app. You can read more about them, and find the links to download them, here:

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I´ve asked this to the Ubuntu-One team,and get the same aswer. While the app for files is released I´m using Dropbox; you can visualize your photos, read pdf, and get a link to share the file with someone else.

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