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In Winamp 3 for Windows, there's a feature that the last 3 seconds of the music is merged with the first 3 seconds of the next music, so there's no "empty space" between the musics.

Is there a way to do this with Rhythmbox? Or is there any player for Ubuntu that has this feature?

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The feature is called crossfading.


To enable it in Rhythmbox:

  1. Click edit in the menu.
  2. Click settings.
  3. Select the tab Playback.
  4. Check Use crossfading backend
  5. Select the desired amount of crossfading.
  6. Restart Rhythmbox.


It seems that Banshee does not support crossfading. If you wish it you can select that it affects you at and you can also vote for it at

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Guayadeque Install guayadeque

This music player comes with a highly configurable crossfader (Library -> Preferences):

enter image description here

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