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Ubuntu 10.04 allowed me to sync my Palm PDA (such as memos, calendar, address book) with Evolution using Gnome Pilot. However, in 10.10, the options for Evolution syncing in Gnome Pilot no longer exist.

Having Googled my issue, it seems Evolution 2.30 was built without the "--with-pilot-conduits" flag. (

Is there a way I can either install a version of Evolution built with support for Gnome Pilot (preferably from a .deb file or repository), or compile it myself?

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I couldn't tell you if that is indeed the problem, as I don't own a palm device, but I can confirm by looking at evolution's build log that that flag was not passed.

If you'd like to try building evolution with that flag, here are some steps.

apt-get source evolution # Download the evolution source package
sudo apt-get build-dep evolution # Install all of evolution's build dependencies
sudo apt-get install devscripts # Tools for working with Debian packages
sudo apt-get install libgnome-pilot2-dev # Extra build dependency need for the "--with-pilot-conduits" flag. 

Next, you want to edit the debian/rules file. Find the section that looks like:

    --with-openldap \
    --enable-nls \
    --disable-scrollkeeper \
    --disable-pilot-conduits \
    --with-krb5=/usr \
    --sysconfdir=/etc \
    --libexecdir=/usr/lib \
    --enable-plugins=experimental \
    --enable-python \
    --disable-pst-import \
    --disable-image-inline \

And replace the --disable-pilot-conduits \ flag with --enable-pilot-conduits \

You'll probably want to bump the version number in debian/changelog as well. You can do that by hand, or run something like dch -v 2.30.3-1ubuntu6+pilot-build -m "Enable pilot-conduits"

Next, the line debian/tmp/usr/share/gnome-pilot must be added to the debian/evolution-common.install file and debian/tmp/usr/lib/evolution/2.30/conduits/*.so must be added to debian/evolution.install

Then you can build the package by running debuild from inside the evolution-2.30.3 directory. Finally, install the resulting debs.

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Thank you very much! The steps worked, except that the flag is actually '–enable-pilot-conduits', and 'debian/tmp/usr/share/gnome-pilot' must be added to debian/evolution-common.install and 'debian/tmp/usr/lib/evolution/2.30/conduits/*.so' must be added to debian/evolution.install, as per ( The 'apt-get build-dep' trick is very handy :) – Shane Oct 15 '10 at 2:00
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Following the excellent steps by andrewsomething and from Wu Wei Wiki, I've made a script to automatically download the source code, edit the build flags, and compile it.

Precompiled .debs

32bit: debs are on the Wu Wei Wiki blog at the top of the page.

64bit: evolution-debs.tar.gz

Once you install all of the deb files, log out then log back in to finish.

Building from source

Save and set it as executable. (Right-click the file, go to Properties. Click the Permissions tab, and check the box "Allow executing file as program")

Double-click the file, and choose "Run in Terminal", and supply your password when asked. It may take up to an hour to compile Evolution. To finish installing the compiled debs, you might have to enter your password again. When complete, log out then log back in.

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Glad it worked out. If you're scripting this, you might want to generalize the "→ Bumping version number..." step a bit. For instance: – andrewsomething Oct 15 '10 at 2:11
Mind if I update the shell script with your code? – Shane Oct 15 '10 at 2:13
Not at all; go for it. – andrewsomething Oct 15 '10 at 2:19
Works for me :D God thanks, no longer it is needed to change to some useless smart-phone :) – singing_fish Jan 19 '11 at 17:16

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