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I need to record some activity on my desktop with voice , but recordMyDesktop really doesn't provide an acceptable record. Here are two solutions came into my mind ,

  1. strip off the voice from that video , use audacity to remove noise , and put it back , but how ?
  2. directly edit it , but what tool could do it ?

Thanks !

P.S: source file already encoded from .ogv to .avi with mencoder

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Do you know the format of audio file and codec information? In any case it's probably transcoded from one format to MP3/MP2 (while you converted from OGV to AVI) and you'll need to transcode once more if you want to filter noise, which will additionally degrade audio quality – zetah Sep 23 '11 at 6:33
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Your first approach is good one, you can add mp3 in KDENLIVE or Kino or may be several other video editor like pitivi. You can view the full list here

I hope you can find your solution here also.

Some other helping sources:

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