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Since I figure the collective computer knowledge on these forums is pretty high, I was wondering if someone could give me advice for buying a new laptop.

I'm looking for something with:

-High linux compatibility

-Sandy bridge i7 processor

-Low end but better-than-integrated graphics (AMD preferred, since NVIDIA Optimus has LInux issues)

-Blu-ray drive

-Not a Mac

I've been looking around at Lenovo and Asus, but I haven't found anything yet that fits all of these requirements. Anybody have experience/suggestions?

I'm not a hardcore gamer, but I would like to be able to play games/experiment with graphics programming on this, it's more than just an internet machine.

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System76 has some great offers that might be up your alley.

Or, you could keep an eye open over at DealNews

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Dealnews link doesn't seem to have much - a bunch of touch screen, around 1000x700 low res screens without IPS, without cd writer. System76's Have non touch and all those useful features, at competitive price - unless the stories of bad build quality are true.? – NoBugs Oct 26 '13 at 0:53

The System76 Pangolin Performance meets each of your requests, except Blu-Ray. Though you should be able to find a replacement optical drive fairly easily.

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