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So I was playing with kdenlive and it crashed (I didn't add PPA and 11.04 repos has outdated version. It was fixed for 11.10 though). "DrKonqi" [as always] said that there is not enough useful information (How do I suppose to check that I've tried to reproduce the bug since it is the first time it happened?). And I saved the report in a .kcrash file. I've reproduced the bug some seconds later, yes. But I closed DrKonqi and wanted to open the first report. And I just couldn't. There is no drkonqi package to dpkg -L it, there is no such executable in the PATH, .kcrash files is not recognized nor in the nautilus neither in the dolphin.

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$ locate drkonqi | grep exec /usr/lib/kde4/libexec/drkonqi – int_ua Sep 23 '11 at 2:27
But still there is no such option for /usr/lib/kde4/libexec/drkonqi – int_ua Sep 23 '11 at 2:28
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Bugs and reports

The KDE has a good debugging page /1/. It has useful information how to make useful crash reports:

  • "many distros choose to install stripped files, which results in useless backtraces".."If your distribution has debugging-enabled packages, install them."
  • The Ubuntu family makes things quite easy. Every official KDE module has an additional package in the repository, suffixed with -dbg. Always install kdelibs5-dbg, because all KDE applications use kdelibs...
  • etc...

The Kubuntu wiki has a bug section /2/.

The kcrash files

The kcrash files should be text files. At here:

The file command /3/ is telling:

:~$ file /home/rog131/Documents/dolphin-20111014-113228.kcrash /home/rog131/Documents/dolphin-20111014-113228.kcrash: ASCII text

and/or the mimetype command /4/ is telling:

:~$ mimetype /home/rog131/Documents/dolphin-20111014-113228.kcrash /home/rog131/Documents/dolphin-20111014-113228.kcrash: text/plain

Here the dedicated text editor is opening the kcrash file when left clicking the file in the file manager.


The drkonqi should start automatically when there is a KDE related crash. You could see the options with the command:

:~$ /usr/lib/kde4/libexec/drkonqi --help

Links & notes:


  3. :~$ man file:

NAME file — determine file type

  1. :~$ man mimetype

NAME mimetype - Determine file type

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