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I just got the visual boy advanced emulator 1.8.0 but it runs at 125% - 200% too fast, and if I throttle it to 100% the sound goes real slow.

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Which version of vba are you using? –  N.N. Sep 22 '11 at 21:28
1.8.0, the one thats on the software centre. –  neilh Sep 22 '11 at 21:32
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This has been a launchpad issue for the last few versions of this particular emulator.

Suggestion would be to use an alternative emulator such as Mednafen (install from software center)

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There is an alternative called VBA-M which doesn't have this problem and features easy-to-use GUI. You can get a pre-compiled package from PlayDeb (as of April 2014, available for any Ubuntu version between 10.04 and 14.04).

Alternatively, you can try RetroArch with VBA core, which appears to be based on newer versions of VBA-M. Pre-compiled packages are available for Ubuntu 12.04 and newer in this PPA. The package name for emulator is "retroarch" and VBA core is either "libretro-vba" or "libretro-vba-next", depending on your Ubuntu version. (In this PPA, except for Ubuntu 12.04, the support for old Ubuntu versions are dropped as soon as new Ubuntu version is released.)

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