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I have installed the groovy plugin for eclipse as part of the Springsource Tool Suite Groovy and Grails support. This works well. I now want to set my GROOVY_HOME environment variable so I can use Groovy from the command line using the Groovy already installed. I have not been able to locate the installation of Groovy installed under STS. How can I find the path for GROOVY_HOME ?

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If you install it via apt-get, you may not need to set that. I checked and groovy/groovyConsole seem to run properly.

If you do need to set it GROOVY_HOME should be /usr/share/groovy.

I've never used it, but I figured it out by looking at this. It tells you that GROOVY_HOME should have subdirectory of ./bin.

After the apt-get install groovy && sudo updatedb && locate groovy | grep /usr | grep bin it definitely looks right.

If you used a binary installer or put it somewhere else, those steps should help you find it.

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