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I am trying to install puppet server and client in two Ubuntu 10.04. one Ubuntu server which has puppet master and Ubuntu client which has puppet client.

**I referred the below link for installation** 

installing and configuring puppet

I dont have a DNS server so i had added host entry in both server and client.

When i am importing certificate

sudo puppetca --sign

i am getting error

err could not call sign could not find certificate request

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Deepak, you said you're doing this on 10.04, but the guide you posted is for 11.04. Which one do you have? – SpamapS Sep 22 '11 at 23:54
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Deepak, you need to replace '' with your actual host name.

You can get a list of the certificates waiting to be signed with

puppet cert --list

On the puppet master. You should see your puppet client listed there and you can then run

sudo puppetca --sign

If you don't see the client's hostname, then you may want to verify that the hosts entries you created are correct.

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