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I found an amazing extension for Google Chrome called SmoothScroll. It makes scrolling webpages extraordinarily visually appealing, just like in opera.

I was wondering if I could find something like this for Ubuntu that can be applied system wide so that I can experience this on any scrollbar I use.

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Although it's a bit old, i found out that gnome 3.4 supports smooth scroll

You will also see improvements to the building blocks that our applications have been made with. This includes smooth scrolling, refreshed user interface components, a much refined visual theme and application menus.

Does anybody knows how to enable it?

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While this isn't the absolute answer, at least it shows that it is available. – MetaDark Jun 9 '12 at 16:09
It will be enabled for all applications that use GTK3.4+. That includes Nautilus, gedit, and maybe others, on 12.04+ – NoBugs Oct 27 '12 at 16:32

Firefox does have a smooth scroll option too.

But as far as I know this is implemented in those applications (and AFAIK only for the browser window, not for other widgets?), not in standard Gtk widgets (or Xorg, or whatever), so no system-wide setting exists (that I know of).

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