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Please tell whether Nokia Ovi suite works on Ubuntu. I searched a lot not but have not been able to find the answer.

If not please provide me with some other alternative.

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what do you normally use the Ovi suite for – JesusLives ii Sep 20 '11 at 19:02
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There is no official support by Nokia.

I'd recommend to use the Ovi Suite via dual boot into Windows/Mac.

But there is also a project currently in development:

enter image description here

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Its Nokuntu. Unofficial Nokia Pc Suite for Linux – Curious Apprentice May 4 '12 at 10:20

I'm using OVI Suite from my Ubuntu 12.04 (and 10.04 before that) in a WindowsXP Virtualbox. It works fine after giving Virtualbox access to bluetooth.

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S60 Remote as well as Nokunto, Gammu/Wammu and Xgnokii are all a waste of time as it doesn't really work. I am using a seto of sulutions that will most definately help you. Read here

I summarize the system integration, which is easy enough to set up:

On the Computer

  1. OS - Linux
  2. Email via Thunderbird (which also works on Windows)
  3. Calendar via Lightning add-in for Thunderbird
  4. Zindus add-in for Thunderbird - contacts sync
  5. Provider for Google Calendar = add-in for Thunderbird & Lightning

On the Phone - Android or Symbian

  1. Emoze email suite
  2. Setup your Google accounts up as AlwaysOn/Push

You can always still sync your Gmail contacts via your phone's own sync app, which is what I am doing. I am using Nokia's own email and synced contacts with Google but I sync my calendar via Emoze. It works better on my Nokia E63 and it also uses less battery this way.

I have been using Nokia ever since 1995 but will now switch to Samsung as their Android phones co-habitate more seamlessly with Linux and offer more solutions. Nokia did not see the need to develop for us Linux users and painted themselves into a corner, sadly. Their phone hardware remains the best, I suppose.

I have used other contacts sync plugins for Thunderbird but found them to be lacking when compared with the Zindus app. gContactsync, if I recall the name correctly, is inconsistent and complicated.

Follow the links on my posts as well. Always add or suggest alernatives if you have found a better solution, please.

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No it doesn't according to the documentation in wine (which is not an emulator but runs windows program on linux) OviSuiteWine

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