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I need to rebuild a very old Linux 2.4 kernel for an ARM device. Said kernel will (as far as I know) not build correctly with gcc 4. So I need an older compiler for it.

Unfortunately none of my sources for precompiled compiler packages contain anything older than about 4.4 any more --- I've looked at CodeSourcery, emdebian and Scratchbox. I've tried compiling it myself, but while I've managed to figure out how to build gcc 4 (the instructions on how to do so I wrote up is one of the most popular on my website...) gcc 3 is beyond me, just failing with incomprehensible erros; and gcc 2.95 is so infamously hard to compile that I haven't even tried.

Surely somebody must have a source for precompiled packages that work on Ubuntu!

I'm using Maverick.

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VirtualBox + old distro? – Oli Oct 11 '10 at 23:27
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Fot gcc 3.4.6, you can try the packages from

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Thanks, but I'm afraid this isn't what I'm looking for --- this is a compiler for ARM that runs on ARM, as opposed to a cross-compiler for ARM that runs on ix86. – David Given Oct 12 '10 at 10:01

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