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I'm setting my wireless environment.
I have to use WPA2 Enterprise with PEAP and have to use AES encryption. But I can't find where encryption config is. (MS-Windows has the option)
How can I config it?

enter image description here

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From this link you will see that AES encryption is part of the WPA2 Enterprise protocol.

WiFi Protected Access

Note the heading: Version

WPA2: Also known as IEEE 802.11i-2004. Successor of WPA, and replaces the TKIP encryption protocol with CCMP to provide additional security. Mandatory for Wi-Fi–certified devices since 2006.

And the heading: Encryption protocol CCMP

An AES-based encryption mechanism that is stronger than TKIP. Sometimes referred to as AES instead of CCMP. Used by WPA2.

This is why Kevin in his answer is able to say that he never has a problem connecting even though he has to meet the same requirements as you.

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My work wireless network has all the same settings including AES. I never have a problem connecting. It makes me login twice. I am guessing it is trying different options. But after the second login I am connected.

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