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The Snort version available for Lucid is, for which snort rules are not available anymore. Is there a ppa for the updated version of snort or are there any good tutorials for installing snort from source.

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Install via PPAs

The linked PPA has snort v2.9:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ebf0/gamelinux
sudo apt-get update

From my reading of the rules - any v2.9.x meets the rule standards - the .x are just stability updates.

Another PPA I've found is ppa:hurricanedefense/testing which contains v2.9.1 of snort.

As with all PPAs - these are for testing purposes and may make your system unstable. Have a full image backup available. You can also install ppa-purge to remove PPAs. N.B. enable the backports software source to install ppa-purge

Install via compilation

Data AcQuisition library

Download some prerequisites:

sudo apt-get install flex bison  build-essential checkinstall libpcap0.8-dev libnet1-dev

Now download and extract the latest daq source code from

cd daq-0.6.1/
sudo checkinstall
sudo dpkg -i daq_0.6.1-1_i386.deb


tar xvfz libdnet-1.12.tgz
cd libdnet-1.12/
sudo checkinstall
sudo dpkg -i libdnet_1.12-1_i386.deb
sudo ln -s /usr/local/lib/libdnet.1.0.1 /usr/lib/libdnet.1


sudo apt-get install libpcre3-dev libmysqlclient15-dev

Now download and extract the latest snort source code from

cd snort-2.9.1
./configure --with-mysql --enable-build-dynamic-examples  --enable-gre --enable-reload --enable-linux-smp-stats --enable-zlib
sudo checkinstall
sudo dpkg -i snort_2.9.1-1_i386.deb

sudo ldconfig

At this point you need to configure the snort.conf file according to your environment.


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The snort available at ppa:ebf0/gamelinux doesn't have ncurses based configuration tool. And I couldn't get snort work with multiple interfaces. – nixnotwin Sep 18 '11 at 11:45
I added the second ppa with the commands you provided above. But it installs only the old snort from thr main repository. – nixnotwin Sep 18 '11 at 13:24
I got this error while startng snort: ERROR: parser.c(5260) Could not stat dynamic module path "/usr/lib/snort_dynamicpreprocessor/": No such file or directory. Fatal Error, Quitting.. – nixnotwin Sep 20 '11 at 8:50
make sure you remove the old snort package first before compiling and installing the new snort. – fossfreedom Sep 20 '11 at 8:55
I had purged the old one. But I solved this error by changing the path to: /usr/local/lib/snort_dynamicpreprocessor/. Antother error appeared now. It says there are some errors in the rules. So trying to get the new rules. – nixnotwin Sep 20 '11 at 10:06

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