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Ubuntu 11.04

gridengine version 6.2u5-1ubuntu1

I start a desktop with the vncserver command.

My ~/.vnc/xstartup ends with 'gnome-session'.

I connect to it using chicken-of-the-VNC on my MacOSX Lion system.

I run 'qmon'. Much of qmon works, but several critical tasks show hopelessly garbled grid layouts. I have filed a bug report, but I suspect that there is something I am missing that would render (ahem) them legible.

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I would try a different VNC client / server combination or at least look into the server settings:

This is a good beginning

enter image description here


Another possible option would be FreeNX / NX server. This option is fast, secure, and available cross platform.

See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX and http://www.nomachine.com/select-package-client.php

As of yet there is not a server for OSX, but there is a client.

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