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The audacious audio player volume is fine, but when I try to watch videos on youtube the volume is far too low. Is there a way to boost the overall sound? THank you for your time.

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When you click on the Volume icon in the menu (top-right corner), you'll see a drop-down. Click Sound Preferences. The master control of the volume is present there and you can boost your volume above 100% there.

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this applies to unity not lubuntu or LXDE – Mina Michael Mar 20 '14 at 15:20

To increase the volume of youtube playing:

  • Increase the overall volume with Pulseaudio Volume Control while playing youtube

enter image description here

  • Instead of/beside that, also considering the possible sound distortions, use SMPlayer's Youtube Browser (smtube) to search and play youtube content. You can edit main SMPlayer toolbar to add the specific button or open from Options. enter image description here

    Then, in SMPlayer (according to this answer) go to SMPlayer Preferences/Audio, check "Use software volume control" and increase the maximum amplification. enter image description here

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You can try typing pactl -- set-sink-volume 0 100% in terminal and change 100% to your desired boosting percentage.

The 100% is the default unboosted volume; you can boost it by changing it to 200% for example.

If it doesn't work then try typing pacmd list-sinks; you should see a list of "sinks" with numbers. Change the 0 in the command to the sink number of your speakers.

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