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this post may seem like a duplicate from my other post, "Is is possible to export Inkscape files for inDesign?" but this completely different.

I need to open my inDesign CS5 files in Ubuntu but I can't seem to find a free vector program that can open inDesign files ( or files exported by inDesing CS5 )

Please note that I can't work with a bitmap or a layer merged vector.

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I am unfamiliar with this software. What is the file extension/name of the file format? What formats can it export to? In particular, does it support import/export of SVG? – dv3500ea Oct 11 '10 at 21:17
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The development version of Scribus can open IDML files (InDesign Markup Language, the official import/export file format for applications that have to work together with InDesign). I am not sure how good the IDML support is currently, so you will have to test yourself...

If you want to try the latest development version of Scribus, there is a PPA for that. But remember that these are daily builds of the development version, and they are probably not ready to be used for production work yet (and every day a new version will be available, which may fix some issues, but also introduce new ones).

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I think you can export a PDF file in inDesign and then import it in Inkscape.

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