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How to Configure/Install HotSpotShield under Ubuntu 11.04;

Are there any other OpenSource VPN thru which we can see sites like which are restricted outside of USA especially thru ubuntu 11.04+.

Let me put this way, I wanted surf web securely by having dedicated secure VPN and I want keep the server at a centralized place. I usually travel in and out of USA; Currently I would like to try out home grown solution or open source service.

Refer (The below sites says about installation and configuration)

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I don't think you will find many good free proxies/VPN servers that aren't blocked by Hulu. You may want to consider a paid VPN service. HotSpotShield is also not the best choice espessialy on a non-Windows computer. You should also consider that you are violating the Hulu TOS.


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Yes there are alternatives like Open VPN, Freenet, and others.

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