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I'm trying to come up with a solid font stack that incorporates fonts typically found on an ubuntu install.

font-family=serif looks great, but for obvious reasons, this isn't appropriate for other operating systems.

What font does "serif" resolve to in the default install? I'm on firefox 6. Edit->Preferences->Content->Fonts & Colors/Advanced...->Serif is set to "serif" so it seems like it's using whatever ubuntu defines as the "serif" font. How can I tell what that is?

I'm on 11.04 (from a fresh install)


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On my 11.04 system with firefox 6.0 and on my 11.10 beta system with firefox 7.0, the only serif font I see used is this one:


This comes from the ttf-dejavu package, which appears to be installed by default on 11.04 and 11.10:

Description: Metapackage to pull in ttf-dejavu-core and ttf-dejavu-extra DejaVu provides an expanded version of the Vera font family aiming for quality and broader Unicode coverage while retaining the original Vera style. DejaVu currently works towards conformance with the Multilingual European Standards (MES-1 and MES-2) for Unicode coverage. The DejaVu fonts provide serif, sans and monospaced variants.
Use this package if you want all DejaVu variants. . DejaVu fonts are intended for use on low-resolution devices (mainly computer screens) but can be used in printing as well.

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I believe it will actually use the font called "Serif", which is an unbranded version of Bitstream Vera Serif. The sans-serif default I likewise understand to be "Sans", an unbranded version of Bitstream Vera Sans. (And by now you've perhaps figured out that "Monospace" is really Bitstream Vera Sans Mono . . . .)

EDIT: ttf-bitstream-vera is in universe in the latest few releases of Ubuntu. In light of this, I believe that belacqua is correct in judging the font used ultimately to be of the DejaVu family (which is a rebranded Bitstream Vera with better international character support, I believe). The font used is still Serif (the same goes for Sans and Monospace), but this links to DejaVu rather than Bitstream Vera.

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