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Possible Duplicate:
Making Ctrl+C copy text in gnome-terminal?

Is there such a terminal where I can edit the text like in usual text area, i.e.

Copy - Ctrl+C, paste - Ctrl+V and so on?

Good example is console in Chrome or in Firefox.

Then I don't need to remember all these shortcut keys.

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I don't know of any. However, you can change the shortcuts manually: Terminal > Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts

Then set Copy to Ctrl + C, and Ctrl + V for paste.

P.S. how do you get those "keys" to show up? [Where they look like buttons, as opposed to text]

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Most shells use keyboard shortcuts like ctrl+c for other things, so if you use it top copy text, then that will break basic functionality, which is why gnome-terminal uses ctrl+shift+c, for instance.

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