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/etc/fstab         /mnt/sosonicoco      nfs user,auto 0 0 /home/nicoco/Musique nfs user,auto 0 0

sosonicoco is seen by nautilus as a normal directory, but Musique appears as a umountable device, even though I have an error message stating I need root privileges to umount it when I click its eject button.

How can I avoid nautilus to list this Musique mounted NFS directory here?

It also appears in Unity launcher, which is even more annoying

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From the mount man page:

The non-superuser mounts.
       Normally,  only  the  superuser can mount filesystems.  However,
       when fstab contains the user option on a line, anybody can mount
       the corresponding system.

       Thus, given a line

              /dev/cdrom  /cd  iso9660  ro,user,noauto,unhide

       any  user  can  mount  the iso9660 filesystem found on his CDROM

As you've set the user option for those mounts in /etc/fstab, they are mountable/unmountable by ordinary users. If you remove that option, then Nautilus shouldn't consider those volumes user unmountable.

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thanks, I was just confused by the fact that the other share, with the same options, didn't appear – Nicoco Sep 11 '11 at 16:28

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