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I have some problem. I have installed gnome 3, and now I have gedit 3.0.6 version. I need to replace it by gedit 2.30.4 version. Any suggestions?

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gedit 2.30 is gtk2+ based - you've upgraded to gtk3+ libraries. I think you going to struggle to do this since gedit has large dependencies on gtk2+ libraries. It might just be easier to run a VM with a 11.04 guest. Why do you need to go back to gedit 2.30? – fossfreedom Sep 8 '11 at 22:50
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As it has been pointed out, gedit 2.x uses GTK2 and gedit 3.x (supposedly) uses GTK3 so I wouldn't expect it to be easy to downgrade gedit and make it work without uninstalling Gnome 3 and installing Gnome 2 libraries.

Technically, you may be able to download Gnome 2 source code and either compile it with a custom prefix so all Gnome 2 libs go into say /opt/gnome2 and don't mix with the Gnome3 libs or even statically link gedit executable so it's a standalone blob which doesn't use any external libraries. But I think it goes way beyond the amount of effort I'd be willing to spend on this :)

Which brings us to the question: what are your reasons to use gedit 2.x? It's not a particularly stellar or unique editor. Are there any other editors which can be used instead? As a personal suggestion: kate is very good.

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Thanks for answers. Gedit 2.x version has plugin which makes work with windows-1251 encoding very comfortable. Gedit 3.x hasn't such plugin and I can't find information how to customize default encoding in gedit 3.x version. That's why I tried to downgrade this editor. – Yaroslav Melnichuk Sep 9 '11 at 13:07
Try Kate, seriously - among other things it can work with different encodings – Sergey Sep 9 '11 at 22:18

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