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I want to use the dvorak-fr-bepo keymap in the console (tty1 to 6) when I type Ctrl + Alt + F1. In particular, I need the special characters as "Ê" or "ç" since there are some in my password.

So directly when I installed Ubuntu, I chose for the Bépo layout when asked.

Nonetheless, the consequence is that I am able to type basic characters, but not special ones. For instance, when I typed BÉPO I got only "bpo". On the contrary, when I used to use a French Azerty layout, I could type the special characters.

How do I definitely set a different keyboard-layout in the console?

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I suggest to begin removig console-data. – enzotib Sep 8 '11 at 12:21
What is the output you got vs what you expect? Example do you got "ć" instead of "ç"? – desgua Sep 8 '11 at 19:28

Install package console-common, then use commands install-keymap to install a default keymap from a .kmap file, or loadkeys to switch between layouts. Use man on these commands for more info.

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