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I want to read mysql table data to an excel file. So I decide to install MyODBC in my Ubuntu 11.04 with these command lines:

sudo apt-get install iodbc

sudo apt-get install libmyodbc

I start the iODBC Driver Manager GTK+ frontend and config ODBC drivers look like in the picture:


enter image description here

Then I add a new USER DNS :

enter image description here

Try to login for DNS with User = root and Empty password give me this error :

enter image description here

I windows I can use ODBC without any problem.

What was I wrong and missing here? Please help!

Thanks in advance.

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I've tried to connect to my database from Libre Calc and get the error :

enter image description here

So I changed the Server from "localhost" to "" and it ran well though error still occured when test connection in iODBC Management Frontend. It's weird, huh. But never mind :D

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