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Whenever something happen which require notification (connecting to a wireless network or low battery status) Ubuntu (unity) gives a nice floating message which (usually) vanishes after several seconds. Is there a way to produce my own floating notification?

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notify-send "whatever you want to say :)"

You can put it in your scripts to notify you about almost anything happens in your system. To see more options like setting title, icons, time, etc...

man notify-send
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Have you checked out the ubuntu wiki yet?

There's a few examples here

More general info about it here

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Thanks, I'll check that out. – Yotam Sep 7 '11 at 19:40

Caveat! If using the Unity desktop man notify-send is contradicted by Non-expiring notifications

For details see reference:

The use of notify-send is desktop conditioned, depending on whether it is:

  1. Unity's notify-OSD or
  2. Gnome's notification-daemon

that displays the notification.

Quoting mhall119/devportal/notify-osd - Ubuntu Wiki:


... takes the place of notification-daemon, and its presentation of notification bubbles differs in several ways ...

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