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I recently migrated from snow leopard to Ubuntu, but I forgot to make a backup of some of the info in my old mac. I have my time machine prepared HDD, but when I connect the drive to Ubuntu it tells me I do not have permission to see the content of the folders, any Ideas to open the drive and extract the info?

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I think the time machine volume is journaled. As I know Ubuntu cannot write on journaled format without some stuff. If you have your Mac available, plug in the Installer DVD/USB into and run the Disk Utilities from there and disable journaling on your time machine. Maybe this helps. Or you install some stuff to enable HFS+ Writing. (see this link from

I suggest the permission-error comes from ownership, cause you are not the owner of the folders and files. So you could try to run chown command?

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The original poster in this question is unable to mount the volume at all, even to read its contents. In contrast, Ubuntu is typically able to mount HFS+ volumes, even if they are journalled--just not for write. – Eliah Kagan May 21 '12 at 18:17

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