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I have multiple playlists (about 2k songs) in Banshee that I want to sync with my Android smartphone (Motorola Milestone). The sync worked flawlessly from the start to the end but after looking at the result I noticed that some songs were missing on the Android device. After looking closer to the problem I saw that only songs that had a special characters in the name (&, /, +. etc) were not synched.

Are there other people having this problem and has anyone found a solution? Preferably one that does not consist in changing song names :)

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This is not just a Banshee problem, most syncing programs - rsync for example - also chokes when certain special characters exist within file names. And that's the issue, it's filenames, not song names that cause problems - song names are recorded in metadata. Knock up a shell script that replaces these special characters in the filenames, rescan and everything should look the same but should now sync without issue.

Regards, Simon.

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