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Consider this command: sudo incrontab ~/incron-config where ~/incron-config contains:

/home/zetah/Documents/incoming IN_CREATE,IN_MOVED_TO /home/zetah/scripts/ $@/$#

and consists of:

#! /bin/bash

python /home/zetah/scripts/ "$1"

Python script accesses some online services and produces 3 new files. They are owned by root.
Why is that and how can I change this behavior. I want to be the owner of those product files


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By running incrontab under sudo, you are updating root's configuration. Therefore, your script is also run as root.

If you run incrontab without sudo, your script should be run under your own user account.

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Thanks. I thought that running with sudo is the only way there is – zetah Sep 5 '11 at 7:22

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