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I have tested tomcat specific clustering with apache mod_jk and mod_proxy on ubuntu local VMs for our website high availability and load balancing. The real servers are hosted by Rackspace cloud server provider and I should implement this on cloud servers once completely done. I tested tomcat clustering with 1 load balancer and 2 web servers. As single load balancer is again a single point of failure, I'm trying to add one more LB as slave.

In Rackspace there is an option Load Balancers and here is the link which guides how setting up load balancer which I am not sure to setup because of some doubts as I never did this before anytime.

I heard Rackspace offers to share an ip between computers, is that so?, then I can use this option.

I am trying heartbeat configuration on the load balancers and the way I followed from the link seems to work for a site. I have the following doubts here:

  • I think I should use public ip address in the place of virtual/floating ip which is shared and also to which the site domain is pointed, is that so?.
  • How could I configure heartbeat for multiple web sites as we have more than one site hosting?.
  • I will specify public/shared ip as virtual ip by eth0:0 in the network interface file on both the load balancers. Do you really think it works flawless even if specified the public ip as virtual ip with eth0:0 interface without any interruption?

Again I just gave a glance of other links link1, link2 and got confused which one to follow to host multiple webistes with ip failover. Does anyone tell me which link suits best for my requirement?

Finally my goal is to have ip-failover(master slave) for load balancers and need help on configuring heartbeat for multiple websites(may be pointing site domains to shared ip does the work?).

If we successed, we can share the success just by telling you 'thank you very much'. Thanks in advance!

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Anybody please? – user3215 Sep 6 '11 at 10:40
May be you can have more answers at . Also I couldn't tell what is the question and how is it related to Ubuntu? – desgua Feb 23 '12 at 20:49

I work at Rackspace and would be happy to help out here! Email me at mw at Rackspace dot com any time.

mw @ Rackspace . com. Email any time!

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Happy to hear!, first I need your mail id! – user3215 Sep 4 '11 at 16:26
Could we have the resolution posted back here for future users? – Marco Ceppi Sep 4 '11 at 17:07
@Marco ceppi: Definitely once I got it resolved, if nobody answered , I'll post back for future users – user3215 Sep 5 '11 at 4:10
This guy didn't reply at all for the mail I sent! – user3215 Sep 6 '11 at 10:39

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