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I don't mean i want to run both GUI'S at the same time . I mean if I can install Gnome 3 and have unity-2D which I can change back and forth at any time by logging out and logging back in deciding what session GUI I want.

I am running ubuntu 11.04 with unity 2d on an acer aspire one netbook.

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Ubuntu 11.10 uses Gnome 3 by default and yes, you can easily have both Unity, Unity 2D and Gnome Shell in it. 11.04, however, is based on Gnome 2 and cannot use Gnome Shell without fairly large changes to the system. I would wait until you're comfortable and upgrade to 11.10. Then you can just apt-get install gnome-shell. Unity2D really rocks in 11.10, btw. I know people who actually prefer it to Unity and it's actually understandable, though I prefer Unity myself. Gnome Shell is also very nice in 11.10. :)

I would not recommend using a PPA to get Gnome Shell on 11.04.

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alright!! :) thancx for the info, now i dont have to go though so mucha trouble and i can relax, i was alreadu getyng the package by terminal and it failed to load so now i can sit back and relax :) thanx Jo-Er;end Schinstad and alsow thanx to fossfreedom :P you were both assets x) help apretiated – blackstar Sep 4 '11 at 20:54

There is no easy way to do this, GNOME 3 requires a major upgrade to the GTK+ software libraries i.e. moving from GTK+2 to GTK+ 3 which was not done for Ubuntu (Natty).

This is certainly possible for 11.10 since Oneiric uses much of the GTK+ 3 software libraries.

For Natty - installing GNOME3 via the PPA on Ubuntu is more of a one-way upgrade - quick search here or on Ubuntu Forums show numerous people having major issues trying to revert back to Unity/Unity-2D.

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ok well , ive thought a little and i have my backfaal now so, is there any ways to install gnome 3 in ubuntu natty? i am ruyng an nacer aspire one netbook and ive seen people that have gnome 3 on the same computer as mine and it works just fine but for some reason everytime i try to go into gnome 3 it fails to load and i still have unity 2d – blackstar Sep 4 '11 at 20:50
That is really another question. However I would advise you to have a closer look at the current oneiric beta if you want gnome3. The PPA for gnome 3 on natty can cause many breakage issues due to the extensive upgrade it involves. For me the current oneiric beta is not bad - there are a few crashes, but its getting better everyday. – fossfreedom Sep 4 '11 at 21:07

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