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I'm trying to create a hard link to a directory as follows

root@...:/usr/share/tomcat6/logs# ln --directory /usr/share/tomcat6/skel/conf conf

It fails with the following error

ln: creating hard link `conf' => `/usr/share/tomcat6/skel/conf': Operation not permitted

What am I missing? How can I create the equivalent of this directory link?

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Possible duplicate of Why are hard links not allowed for directories? – Amir Ali Akbari Mar 28 at 11:59
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From the manual page of ln:

-d, -F, --directory
allow the superuser to attempt to hard link directories (note: will probably fail due to system restrictions, even for the superuser)

An application cannot see whether a hard link is a hard link or the original file path. If this is not a requirement, you can use symbolic links instead:

ln -s /usr/share/tomcat6/skel/conf conf
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