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echo "xxx" >> file_a is similar to what I want.

But it always attach string with a new line.

If I just want to attach string without a new line,

How to do it?

Thank you~

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Use the printf builtin bash function

printf "xxx" >> file

or the -n option to echo, that suppress the newline.

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printf is not only a Bash builtin, there's /usr/bin/printf too. Unlike the -n option of echo printf is definede by POSIX so it's usually the better choice. – Florian Diesch Sep 1 '11 at 10:32
@Florian Diesch: I know, but we are talking about Ubuntu, where the default shell is bash, and where echo has the -n option, so it is not so important as it could be on a generic unix/linux site. Moreover, also sh's echo has -n option, so it is better to suggest alternatives that to be so radical, in my opinion. – enzotib Sep 1 '11 at 10:38

Use printf:

printf "xxx" >> file_a 
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Small variation on the theme, although somewhat verbose

awk '1;END{printf "xxx"}' input_file > tmp_file && mv tmp_file input_file 
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