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Ubuntu Natty
Input method is SCIM-Anthy

Example Website

When playing this or any other flash community game it is possible to switch to the Japanese input but even after switching, only English appears in the flash text input field.

Why is this?
How can I make this work

House wives love to play those facebook type community games and they are all based on flash. But using Ubuntu, flash always crashes on us when we try to run it with two browsers at once, like firefox and chromium, which is necessary to do if you want to sign in with two different user names at the same time. That is the small problem.

THE BIG PROBLEM is when my wife tries to input Japanese text into a flash input field. Even though she has used SCIM to switch to the Japanese Anthy text input as she always does, only English comes out when typing in a flash text input box. This is horrible, because this is all she uses a computer for and it is the one thing Ubuntu fails miserably at.

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This is a bug with either Flash or the website, unfortunately Ubuntu has no way to fix either of those things, so there's not much we can do here. –  Jorge Castro Mar 8 '12 at 3:23
Actually this is a problem with scim. A fellow Ubuntu Japanese user would be able to recommend an ulterior software like UIM or such that might work... So it's not a question for Ubuntu developers but for members of the Ubuntu community with Japanese experience. –  Joshua Robison Sep 15 '12 at 7:25