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I recently got some FLAC files with embeded cue sheet. Though, the info of the sheet file doesn't seem to show up in Rhythmbox; Banshee; Amarok or Audatious. Which media players support this kind of file?

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this is an old question and the before-mentioned players might already support this. please comment if so. – lujbilami Jan 5 '15 at 14:11
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xmms2 suite of software supports this partially. You must extract the cuesheet

metaflac --export-cuesheet-to=myfile.cue myfile.flac

and then you can do

nyxmms2 addpls myfile.cue

flactag also has support for creating the cuesheets and embedded tags in batch mode)

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You may want to try DeaDBeef. It's open source and has been ported to Android. It's the closest thing to foobar2000, even in terms of GUI style.

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It is perhaps not the answer you would to ear.

There is a Windows player that supports that, and it works well under Wine. It is foobar2000

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