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Flash 10.2 brought the ability to full-screen and not exit out of it when using another screen (see this article). At least it did for Windows.

I've never gotten dual-screen Flash to work like this for me.. ever. Clicking on my other monitor while a video is full-screened still exits out of full-screen mode. Am I doing something wrong here? I've not seen any other posts on this issue, both on Ask Ubuntu and in the Ubuntu forums..

I typically run Chrome; current setup is Ubuntu 11.04 x64. I use Flash-Aid for Firefox to keep my Flash up to date.

Any help to get this functionality to work would be much appreciated.

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As a workaround, the MaximizeFlash extension for Chrome works. It maximizes any Flash video to fill your browser window. This doesn't solve the problem directly, but makes it less annoying.

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