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This is my first question here, I'm trying to create a little script, that change icons shown in Desktop. I mean, when I Click on a button, I would launch this simple script

cp $HOME/.config/Desktop5/user-dirs.dirs $HOME/.config

in Desktop5/user.dirs i wrote:


I wrote 5 script for each most used folder: Downloads, Pictures, Music, Desktop and Videos

It works, but unfortunately, sometimes the desktop doesn't refresh soon and I have to click several time the same button before than see desktop icons, change.

How can I resolve this problem?


I thanks for the answer, i substituded

`cp $HOME/.config/Desktop5/user-dirs.dirs $HOME/.config`

with this two command: rm -r ~/Desktop ln -s ~/Downloads ~/Desktop

I Couldn't use rm -r-i ~/Desktop

because this command was launched by a script now it works!

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Instead of writing a script for that, remove the actual ~/Desktop folder (if it is empty), and create a link to ~/Downloads in its place:

rm -r -i ~/Desktop
ln -s ~/Downloads ~/Desktop
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